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About Us

Welcome to Optoelectronics Research Group at Zhejiang University (Rank 3rd among universities in China). The group is led by Prof. Zongyin Yang and we are part of the Institute of Smart Sensor and Micro/Nano Systems, College of Information Science and Electronics Engineering.

Our mission is to understand the underlying fundamental phenomena to engineer nanomaterials for optoelectronics, sensing and energy. Our work encompasses Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Materials Science and Nanotechnology between industry and academia with fundamental and applied research.

We are looking for Postdoc researchers, PhD and Masters candidates >>


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Our third Science paper More>>


Students from our group won the Gold Medal (Championship) in the 8th College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.  More>>


Students from our group won the Gold Medal in the 7th College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.  More>>


Our review paper "Miniaturization of Optical Spectrometers" was published in Science  More>>


Zongyin won the Innovation Award of Faulty of Information Technology, Zhejiang University  More>>


Zongyin won the Extraordinary Prize of 2019 Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Students Abroad.


Our nanowire spectrometer work published in Science was reported by University of Cambridge  More>>


Dr Zongyin Yang was elected as the Research Associates of King's College, University of Cambridge

Liu Shuo, Liang Zhang*, Boyang Ma, Xiangyu Zeng, Yang Liu, Zongyin Yang* and Xiaozhi Wang*

“High-Performance Ultraviolet to Near-Infrared Anti-ambipolar Photodetectors Based on 1D CdSxSe1-x/2D Te Heterojunction”

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, Accepted for publication

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