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Zongyin Yang


2014.9--2019.1    PhD, Electrical Engineering, University of Cambridge

  • Optoelectronics using nanowires and 2D materials; Supervisor: Dr. Tawfique Hasan


2009.9--2012.3    MSc, Department of Optical Engineering, Zhejiang University (ZJU)

  • Photonics in nanomaterials; Supervisor: Prof. Limin Tong

  • Excellent graduate of Zhejiang Province

  • Excellent graduate of ZJU


2006.9--2009.6    Bachelor of Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering, ZJU

2005.9--2006.6    Department of Applied Biological Science, ZJU


2020.9--Pre.         Hundred-Talent Program Professor, Zhejiang University


2019.10--2020.8   Research Associate (none-stipend fellow), Kings College, Cambridge

2019.4--2020.8     Research Associate, Cambridge Graphene Centre; Supervisor: Prof. Andrea Ferrari

2016.7--2019.4     Director, Inkling Cambridge Ltd (Got 50k investment from Cambridge Enterprise)

2015--Pre.            Deputy Secretary of UK-China Economics and Cultural Promotion Association

2016--2017           President of Cambridge Chinese Cultural Society

2012.11--2014.6   Research Fellow, ZJU

2010--2011           Teaching Assistant of Nanophotonics, ZJU


2021.01        Innovation Award of Faulty of Information Technology, Zhejiang University

2020.06       Extraordinary Prize of 2019 Chinese Government Award for Students Abroad (only 10 awardees around the world)

2014.09       Cambridge International Scholarship (only 80 awardees around the world)

2012.03       Excellent graduate of Zhejiang Province & Excellent graduate of ZJU

2011.11        First prize in ZJU Science as Art Experimental Image Competition

2011.10        First prize of Excellent Graduate Scholarship in 2010-2011

2008.10       First prize in National Undergraduate Mechanical Innovation Design Competition

2008.09       Student Award for Research and Innovation, ZJU

2008.06       First prize in ZJU "Challenge Cup" Academic Science and Technology Competition

2008.05       Second prize in ZJU Mechanical Innovation Design Competition

2008.04       Award for Excellence in ZJU Student Research Training Programs

2007.10       Second prize in the 4th Zhejiang Province Mechanical Innovation Design Competition

2007.06       Second prize in the 2nd ZJU "Supcon Cup" Robot Manufacture Competition

2004.05       First prize in Wenzhou City High School Students Olympic Chemical Competition

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